CNN’s Rick Sanchez to Debut Twitter-Based Show at 3:00 PM Today 7

By Kyle Austin

Rick Sanchez, CNN’s new media guy, will reportedly debut a Twitter-based show on CNN at 3:00 p.m. ET today. Sanchez appropriately broke the news on the new show through Twitter and was looking to name it through the weekend. Michael Martine notes on his blog that it will likely be called “Rick Sanchez Direct.”

Adam Hirsch at Mashable recently chronicled CNN’s growing use of Twitter on-air in addition to leveraging their iReport to increase viewer engagement. This will be their latest foray and certainly their most aggressive.

Will be interesting to see how the show takes shape. Will it be a Q&A, with topics forming based on Twitter-based questions to Rick? Let us know your thoughts on the show and feedback, if you catch it.

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7 thoughts on “CNN’s Rick Sanchez to Debut Twitter-Based Show at 3:00 PM Today

  • Cheryl, Upstate, NY

    Sarah Palin will be exposed for who she really is!! people may be fooled at the moment, but trust me it won’t last. Obama will be our next President.

  • Margaret Garrison

    The purpose of the bailout is supposedly for the good of the main street people. If this is true, would the following bailout of Main St. work? Send $150,000 to each and every American citizen over 25 years of age. This money is to be spent and not saved. IF you have a mortgage, a minimum of $75,000 must be paid on your mortgage. If you do not have a mortgage, you will have $75,000 or more to make a down payment to purchase a home. People who are on any sort of public aid, food stamps, etc. would now not need these services. The remaining money can be spent in paying off bills, purchasing or paying off car loans and paying for education. This money would put the banks, etc. back in business. Then, regulations must be made so that our country will never get in another mess. This would be a bail out for the American citizen and not Wall Street. Wall Street will now have money, the American people will have money and now, Congress must set regulations and get good paying jobs back into our country. Tell me, why won’t this work?

  • Kyle Austin Post author

    This is the type of conversation that Twitter is enabling for CNN. Thanks for providing context Cheryl and Margaret. I guess that is your point??

  • Audrey Cutler

    Rick, I am a Democrat, but this time I am voting for Mccain, I do not like Obama’s Socialistic views and his associations with those that seem to hate America, thus, when he took the American flag off his airplane I finally made my decision, that Obama does not need to be an American President.

  • Ken Wyatt

    You didn’t quite get the Al Quaeda support issue. They have a prefrerence for McCain, not so much because he’s more aggressive, but because like Bush’s, the strategy is an incompetent one that alienates our allies and stirs up moderates in the Middle East.

  • Rene Hinojosa-Negrete

    Hi , Rick i really have a question Why general in CNN , have all this “REPUBLICAN” contributor said nasty thing whit out any HONEST base , is so sad they can really offered something whit substance to the comments they made , is reason why this country i so broken and divide .These country don’t have idea about Socialist. Republican don’t want the middle class have better position and insist brain wash this poor uneducated people is sad this country can get a long in one voice , everything is FEAR , is a factor in all they do (Republican)