NBC Will Air Some Shows Online First 2

By Ben Haber

After having a ratings bonanza during the Beijing Olympics, NBC is blazing a new trail in the upcoming television season.

NBC has come to an agreement with Hulu to air five shows on the popular video site before they are broadcast on TV during their regular time slots, in attempt to build buzz around the shows and their premieres.

While NBC has clearly realized the value of the internet, it will be interesting to see if this approach will build a larger television audience for these shows (Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Life, Knight Rider, and 30 Rock). Out of these five, 30 Rock is the only one I watch, and I will definitely take a look on Hulu once it’s available, but I’m unsure if I will watch it again in its regular spot. Does this help or hurt NBC?

For the new and/or struggling shows, any extra viewership or buzz has to be beneficial, especially now that mobile and online video are so huge. The ability have someone watching the season premier of Chuck on their train ride home from work is a great idea from NBC, and one that can surely pay off as online video has taken off.

So get ready for the 1 hour season premier of the Office on the 25th, but until then enjoy some other shows at your convenience.

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2 thoughts on “NBC Will Air Some Shows Online First

  • Jon Westenberg

    I think its also extremely positive to see how such a young internet based company can build a reputation and a service so reliable that they are able to negotiate a major agreement with a major company….
    It does demonstrate that the internet is not a mere breeding ground for gone in a minute companies and contractors.
    Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and now this, the internet has returned from the punch it recieved in the dotcom crash…….