Monthly Archives: September 2008

Larry Chats with GE CMO & SVP Beth Comstock @ Noon ET

Share By Kyle Austin Yes, we’re on radio too. At least Larry is. Join him on WebmasterRadio.FM today at Noon ET as he talks with GE CMO & SVP Beth Comstock. Comstock, who headed back to GE in March, after spending two years as President of Integrated Media for NBCU, will discuss the […]

Happy B-Day To Us: 10 Biggest Digital Media & Marketing Topics Over the Last Year 1

Share By Kyle Austin Just as Google celebrated its 10th B-Day over the weekend, we celebrated our 1st B-Day (albeit to slightly less fanfare). So while gloating that we share our September 27 birthday with the Montain View giant (as long as they don’t switch it again); I took a look back […]

Q&A with “Medicine 2.0” Blogger Bertalan Meskó 3

ShareRaceTalk recently connected with Bertalan (Berci) Meskó, a “Medicine 2.0” enthusiast, active Twitter member, and up-and-coming medical mind who takes a look at the intersection of medicine, genetics and Web 2.0 on his award-winning blog, ScienceRoll. Among his many achievements, Berci is also a last-year medical student with a goal […]


Scoble Chats with Us about FriendFeed and, well, FriendFeed 4

Share By Kyle Austin When we finally had  a chance to pull Robert away from his iPhone 3G (He actually turns 3G off for more battery life to enjoy FriendFeed), we got to ask him a few questions for our blog. As he recently posted about, Robert is spending most […]

Mark Cuban’s Advice to Newspapers: ‘Give Up’

Share By Ben Haber Last spring Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban banned bloggers from entering the Maverick’s locker room to interview players. His ban (which he later reversed) caused quite the commotion, and he addressed the issue in his personal blog: “Newspaper blogging is probably the worst marketing […]