Georgia Reporter Shot In Arm During Her Broadcast 3

By Ben Haber

Some types of reporting can be a lot of fun. There are thousands of reporters covering the Olympics, who are lucky enough to attend the events and watch some of the competition close-up. Other reporters have access to events and speeches that most of us can only want on TV or read about via the internet. But, other reporters put themselves in harm’s way to deliver a story.

On August 14, a reporter was shot in the arm while reporting on the Georgia/Russia conflict. The reporter (for some reason) continued to report her story while she was being bandaged up by her co-workers. Unfortunately, there have been more then a few cases of reporters being hurt while covering these types of conflicts:

  • In 2006 two CBS reporters were killed in Bagdad when a car bomb exploded.
  • An Israeli solider was injured while covering the conflict in Georgian.
  • In a very high profile case, ABC reporter Bob Woodruff suffered a traumatic brain injury while in Iraq

While these are just a few examples of reporters that have been hurt while covering a war or conflict, many of them are clearly putting themselves in harm’s way to cover a story.

Is the risk worth it? What do you think?

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