Watch Any Olympic Event You Want with New Microsoft Technology 3

By Ben Haber

Even while the Olympic Games will be taking place on the other side of the world, viewers will now be able to watch whatever events they want, thanks to some cool new technology.

No, not YouTube – that’s only available to countries that don’t have access to NBC and their long line of advertisers.

Instead, NBC’s Olympics Web site will feature 2,200 hours of live coverage, thanks to Microsoft’s Silverlight, their equivalent of Flash (However, this will only be available to viewers in the U.S.).

Thanks to this technology, viewers will have the ability to:
– See multiple camera angles & rewind video.
– Watch whatever sport they want whenever they want.
– See 3,000 hours of ‘on-demand encores of full events and highlights’.
– Switch between up to 4 live streams.
– See the standard world feed that is sent to all broadcasters, with no TV commentators.
– Access statistics, biographies and other information.

This enhanced Olympics viewing experience will be great for people looking to catch certain events that aren’t always on TV, especially as NBC aims to stick countless hours of competition into nicely organized time slots during their prime time hours.

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