Excellent Resource: Twitter Brand Index 2

Jonathan Kash of the Fluent Simplicity blog has put together one of the best and most comprehensive Twitter contact lists to date – the Twitter Brand Index.

The Twitter Brand Index is constantly being updated and lists numerous organizations, media outlets, events, technology companies, politicians and government agencies, social networks, people, etc. that have created accounts and post updates to Twitter.com.

Here is a small sampling of some of the companies and people included on the list:

BBC http://twitter.com/BBC
CNET News http://twitter.com/CNETNews
Fast Company http://twitter.com/fastcompany
InformationWeek http://www.twitter.com/informationweek
LA Times Breaking News http://twitter.com/latimesbreaking
NY Times http://twitter.com/nytimes
Reuters http://twitter.com/reuters

John Battelle http://twitter.com/johnbattelle
Jason Calacanis / Mahalo http://twitter.com/JasonCalacanis
Tim O’Reilly http://twitter.com/timoreilly
Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg: http://twitter.com/twitter.com/kevinrose
Peter Shankman http://twitter.com/skydiver
Biz Stone / Co-Founder of Twitter http://twitter.com/biz

Non-Profit Organizations
American Cancer Society http://twitter.com/AmericanCancer
American Heart Association http://twitter.com/foundersheart
American Public Health Association http://twitter.com/PublicHealth
American Red Cross http://twitter.com/RedCross
New Media Consortium https://twitter.com/newmediac

Social – Blogs
Engadget http://twitter.com/engadget
MacLife http://twitter.com/MacLife
Mashable http://twitter.com/mashable
TechCrunch http://twitter.com/TechCrunch
Techmeme http://twitter.com/Techmeme
Technorati http://twitter.com/technorati

Take a look through the list to check out all of the people and news you can follow!

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