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Did Social Networking Propel Barack Obama to the Democratic Nomination? 2

Share By Ben Haber As Barack Obama accepted the democratic nomination for president last night, other candidates were left wondering how this young, lesser-known candidate leaped above them and secured all of those votes. Well, the answer might be social networking. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Obama and his staff relied on a social-networking […]


Your first job in PR… questions you should prepare for and questions you should ask in the job interview 11

Share You’ve just graduated and you’re looking for your first job in public relations.  Your first interview is approaching, and you want to make the second interview stage, of course.  You visit the company’s website, polish your shoes and get to their offices half an hour too early! Now what?  Can you talk about your […]

Google’s Gold Medal in Beijing 1

Share By Ben Haber Imagine competing in a biking event at the Olympics and trying to train for a specific course while living on the other side of the world. While some of your competitors living in or around China have the ability to train on the exact hills and roads that they’ll be racing […]



Social Network PickupPal Brings Carpooling Online, Is Facing Trouble in Canada 7

Share By Ben Haber Want to cut down your gas costs? Do you enjoy carpooling? Are you concerned about the environment? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then you’re going to love PickupPal, a global social network that is connecting drivers and passengers online, to save money and the environment. […]

Monday Media Mailbag: Make Way for WSJ 1

Share By Kyle Austin If you listened to Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey Tech Edit focus on the AP a few weeks back (newsletter should be coming out soon), you heard Sam and I talk about the lack of an AP presence in the Twittosphere. Following-up that conversation Sam posted a revised list of those reporters that are on […]

EA to Game User: Tiger Woods Walks on Water 2

Share  By Kyle Austin So you monitor Twitter feeds, Google feeds, what’s going on Digg and in the blogoshere – all to stay current on what people are saying about your brand and to make sure you kill any fire drills before they become bigger in scope. But how do you turn something that could be […]

ESPN Wants the Olympics in 2014 3

Share By Ben Haber The ratings for the Beijing Olympics are way up over Athens. The Los Angeles Times reports that NBC’s 12-day average prime-time viewership is 29.3 million for Beijing, up from 26.1 million in Athens. With so many people watching the likes of beach volleyball champs Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, Gymnastics studs […]