Chris DeWolfe is a Rock Star: New Music Venture Makes Sense for MySpace 4

(DeWolfe Pictured Left)

By Kyle Austin

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Chris DeWolfe, Founder and CEO of MySpace, in person; it’s likely you’ll come away from the meeting with the word charisma on the tip of your tongue. Watching DeWolfe work the patio Tuesday night at Fortune Brainstorm: TECH’s private dinner overlooking the Pacific, you could easily mistake him with a rock star.

In fact, watching DeWolfe get flocked too; I couldn’t help but think about what polar opposites he and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, are.

DeWolfe continued his rock star ways on Wednesday at Brainstorm: TECH by announcing a new music service that will launch on MySpace in September. In an interview with Fortune’s Adam Lashinksy, DeWolfe discussed the new service which will allow users to listen to free streaming music, purchase song downloads, ringtones and even concert tickets.

“MySpace will be the center of each artists’ universe,” noted DeWolfe.

DeWolfe was quick to discuss that music is already a huge part of the MySpace offering. He stated that 5 billion songs are being played every month and 65 percent of users have a music song or video embedded on their profiles.

When asked by audience members to discuss his thoughts on Facebook, DeWolfe used the further foray into music to describe the diferences between the two often-compared companies.

“Sure we have to look at all our competitors in the 25 countries that we are in. I think they are more of a uitility that makes it efficient to communicate back and forth. I think they’d agree with that assesment. We think we do the same thing but MySpace is more about self expression and letting the users create their own exeprience. This is why we are investing so heavily in music. Music and self expression are so intertwined.”

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4 thoughts on “Chris DeWolfe is a Rock Star: New Music Venture Makes Sense for MySpace

  • Jon Westenberg

    I posted about the differences between facebook and myspace on my blog earlier today, but these comments from DeWolfe put a whole new light on the differences I hadn’t previously considered…

  • Kyle Austin Post author

    @ Jon Westenberg – That’s interesting. In reading your post and understanding that MySpace is targeting the under 18 crowd. It makes you wonder if those that truly value self expression are those in their teens? I’d have to argue a little bit with DeWolfe, because I do feel like I can express myself via Facebook and its applications.

  • Jon Westenberg

    I can understand that, overall I did feel that myspace was catering less towards true self expression and more towards a strange sort of conformity. While you can edit your profile, it tends to create a mass of pages themed along 50 cent or the Simpsons.
    It does suggest that the teen audience arent really that interested in the creative side.

    Facebook however, without all the more flashy options of myspace tends to appeal more to my creative side. How you express yourself depends on the way you word things, your own writing, etc…..
    Just some thoughts.