OLPC Now On a Stamp 2

By George

How do you know when a technology has moved from hot to foundational to cultural icon?

Well, when they start to issue postage stamps in your honor – the technology has probably entered cultural icon status.

That’s the case with One Laptop Per Child – the non-profit organization that has single-handedly changed the way the world views inexpensive computing (especially laptop computing).

And now the organization and its amazing XO laptop has been immortalized on a postage stamp in Uruguay (see the image above). Uruguay has been one of the early adapters of the XO (they ordered 100,000 laptops back in October).  Uruguay’s President Tabare Vazquez has been so committed to the program and the prospect of providing XO computers to the school children of his country that he has now honored OLPC with an official stamp.

Full disclosure: Racepoint Group has been working with OLPC for the last 18 months helping the organization with communications strategy and public relations. It has truly been a labor of love.

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