Facebook Preparing to Launch New Profile Design 2

By Ben

We’ve heard about it for a while, but it appears that Facebook is now getting closer to launching its new profile design.

The new set-up will divide profiles into different tabs – one for the wall, info, photos, notes, etc., and appears ready to handle the additional content that’s on the site from the many applications that have been created. This new layout will hopefully give users added security measures. My personal hope is that we’ll be able to select entire tabs to be private, or parts of the limited profile.

Facebook really seems to have the leg up on MySpace when it comes to its ability to design a clean and user-friendly layout. This new profile should not only create the appearance of having more content on the site, but also enable Facebook to add more outside content to the site. Users are currently able to post articles, videos, etc. to their profiles, but it seems like this tab layout could be the beginning of users being able to monitor all of their communities through one source.

Supposedly, Facebook members can preview their new profile layout by going to www.new.facebook.com, but I have been unable to get through the site yet.

Are you a fan of the new design?

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