What’s Your Life Worth? eBay Will Tell You!

By Ben

Since eBay has become the world’s online auction site, there have been some pretty crazy things auctioned off online. In the past, people have auctioned off bellybutton lint, human teeth, and a slightly used body-bag. Even Manny Ramirez has gotten into the action and auctioned off his grill, which later turned out not to be his.

Well, Australian resident Ian Usher added to this list of weird auction items this week when he decided to make his life open for bidding. After his five-year marriage ended, he held a week-long auction for everything in his life, which included all of his belongings, three-bedroom home, his friends, motorcycle, a jetski, and a trial-run at his job.

Usher must have been disappointed in the result, as collective eBay bidders deemed that his life was only worth $380,286. The buyer is reported to have a 100 percent feedback rating.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen being auction off online?

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