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L.A. Earthquake Reported on Twitter First 4

Share has once again raised the bar for news reporting, as breaking news is delivered with unsurpassed speed and efficiency. The most recent example was a quick one-word update from Twitter member Caroline (Vixy), who wrote “earthquake” to notify the Twitter community and local followers of the recent earthquake […]



China Decides Not To Allow Uncensored Internet Anymore 3

Share By Ben It was reported a while ago that China was going to allow uncensored internet during the Olympics in Beijing next month. Well, apparently that’s not quite true anymore. The New York Times reports that “since the Olympic Village press center opened on Friday, reporters have been unable […]

“This is Steve Jobs. You think I’m an arrogant [expletive] who thinks he’s above the law, and I think you’re a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong.” 3

Share (Courtesy of the New York Times) By Kyle Austin I had made it back to Boston on Saturday, after my trip out to Fortune Brainstorm: TECH, and was enjoying my iced-coffee (America runs on Dunkins’) with the New York Times when I had one of those near death choking experiences. […]


Does Google Distrust the Wisdom of the Crowds? 4

Share Google not only lets you search for content, but now they will help you create and publish it (minor note: they will make money off your content). Yesterday, Google rolled out Knol – a site they’ve been testing for about seven months that allows “experts” to contribute articles under […]

Chris DeWolfe is a Rock Star: New Music Venture Makes Sense for MySpace 4

Share (DeWolfe Pictured Left) By Kyle Austin If you ever have the opportunity to meet Chris DeWolfe, Founder and CEO of MySpace, in person; it’s likely you’ll come away from the meeting with the word charisma on the tip of your tongue. Watching DeWolfe work the patio Tuesday night at Fortune […]

Neil Young and John Huey Talk Music Quality at Brainstorm:TECH 12

Share By Kyle Austin John Huey, Editor-In-Chief of TIME Inc. just wrapped-up Fortune Brainstorm: TECH by chatting with Neil Young (yes that Neil Young). Here are some excerpts, from the first part of their chat on music quality: John Huey: We have 25 minutes to vet this treasure trove, so […]