Where are they Now?

By Kyle Austin

13 Months after Rupert’s takeover of the Wall Street Journal, John Koblin of the New York Observer gives us a “laundry list” of departures.

oScott Paltrow, investigative writer at The Journal, now a contributing editor
oPeter Waldman, investigative writer, now a senior writer
oDan Golden, Pulitzer-winning reporter, now a senior editor
oHilary Stout, editor of Personal Journal, now a senior editor
oDoug Frantz, senior writer, agreed to join the L.A. Times but left for Portfolio

The New York Times:
o Tara Parker-Pope, health writer
o Brooks Barnes, reporter at The Journal, now a movie business reporter
o Ron Lieber, left The Journal for Dow-Jones-IAC joint venture, now a columnist

Financial Times:
o Henny Sender, senior special writer for Money & Investing, now an international financial correspondent

Orlando Sentinel:
o Robert Block, Homeland Security reporter, now space editor

o Ed Felsenthal, deputy managing editor, now working with Tina Brown on her new project for Barry Diller (he originally left for Portfolio)

The Economist:
o Greg Ip, senior special writer and Federal Reserve reporter, now U.S. economics editor

o James Bandler, Pulitzer-winning reporter, will be U.S. economics editor

o Anita Raghavan, London-based reporter, now European bureau chief
o Rebecca Buckman, special writer at San Francisco bureau, now a staffer

o Paul Barrett, editor (only at The Journal briefly)

o Robert MacMillan, reporter (also at The Journal briefly)

o Laurie Hays, deputy managing editor, now executive editor for company news

Prospective Jobs:
o Marcus Brauchli, former managing editor, top candidate for Washington Post executive editorship and currently a consultant for NewsCorp.

o Bill Grueskin, former deputy managing editor, becoming a dean at Columbia’s journalism school

Public relations gigs:
o Sally Beatty, philanthropy reporter, joined Pfizer’s PR department
o Kathryn Kranhold, GE reporter, joined Sard Verbinnen & Co.

Investment jobs:
o Jonathan Clements, former personal finance columnist, now at Citigroup
o Laurie Cohen, former senior special writer, going to a hedge fund.


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