Are You Having Trouble Remembering All of Your Passwords? 2

By Ben

How many online passwords does the average person have? We have passwords for work email, personal email, Facebook, MySpace, credit cards, banking, shopping sites, fantasy football, other member sites, etc. It’s really amazing how we keep tract and remember all of these (sometimes) unique log-in names and passwords.

Well, some technology leaders are looking to make things a little simpler. According to The New York Times, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, a unit of eBay, are among the founders of an industry organization that hopes to solve the problem of password overload among computer users by using an online ID card.

The idea is to bring the concept of an identity card, like a driver’s license, to the online world. Rather than logging on to sites with user IDs and passwords, people will gain access to sites using a secure digital identity that is overseen by a third party. The user controls the information in a secure place and transmits only the data that is necessary to access a Web site.

The article goes on to say that one of the biggest issues facing this initiative is getting the millions of sites to support the new system, which would take a few years. However, security would likely also be an issue, as many may share the fear of a hacker gaining access to their online ID, therefore allowing them to access any site, including financial information.

Until then, keep trying to remember all of those passwords!

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