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I had the opportunity to attend PRSA’s Digital Impact Conference the past few days in New York City, and discovered quite a few new resources that I wanted to pass along, as we all try to identify the best ways to make our digital and social media marks online. Check them out when you get a chance!

SEO / Linking and Ranking Tools

  • – Shows how a company ranks for organic search
  • Market Leap – Add in a URL and see how many links your site has versus competitors, and what their ranks are
  • Yahoo! Search Site Explorer – Tells you how many inbound links there are to a particular domain name
  • SEO Book Rank Checker – Free Firefox rank-checking tool that lets you see how your website stacks up to competition
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – See how one certain word ranks for SEO purposes
  • Search Rascal – Shows the sites that are ranked for use of one certain word, and how it changes over time
  • “Link:” on – If you type “link:” immediately followed by a domain name (ex: into Google search, the results will show you which and how many sites are linking to that domain name


  • TweetScan – A real-time search engine for Twitter that lets you find the conversations on the topics you want.
  • Who Should i Follow – Enter in your Twitter username, and this tool will give you suggestions of people you might want to follow.
  • TweetWheel – A tool that shows you which of your Twitter friends know one another
  • TwitDer – A Twitter directory that shows you the most popularly followed people on Twitter, and the people that send the most updates


  • – Healthcare video community that brings you everything from late-breaking medical research videos to exercise tips
  • Blinkx – Search online video
  • Tubemogul – Video analytic tool that shows you when, where and how often videos are being watched, letting you measure how powerful your video marketing campaign is against competitors
  • RedLasso – Search national and local TV and radio broadcasts and make clips to post to your site


  • Podscope – Search engine that lets you search podcasts by typing in a phrase of spoken words
  • Podcast Alley – One of the biggest collections of podcasts on the Internet – features the top 10 podcasts as rated by listeners
  • Podcast Directory – A podcast search site similar to Podcast Alley

Any really great tools that you have come across that you would like to share? Let us know about the sites that you have found!

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