Monthly Archives: May 2008

Chris Anderson of Wired Speaks at Media Bistro 3

ShareAnderson Discusses Wired’s New Social Networking Site (Kind Of) and Then Tries to Defends His Practice of Banning PR People By George Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired, was the keynote speaker at the Media Bistro Circus in New York City yesterday. Anderson was supposed to announce a new social networking project being sponsored by […]

One Laptop per Child and Microsoft 2

Share By Kyle Over the last two years in working with the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project I’ve had the opportunity to strategize, choreograph and execute on several major announcements. This week however, was a bit different from the rest. We’ve worked with major corporations as part of this project. AMD, Google, eBay and […]


Beware: Google ‘Street View’ Captures Everything 1

Share By Ben About a month ago we wrote about a couple in Western Pennsylvania that is suing Google because they claim images of their home available through ‘Google Street View ’ violated their privacy and devalued their property. Well, there are some more interesting Google ‘street view’ stories that have recently come up: One […]

Another Flare up Between PR and Bloggers 1

ShareBy George There’s another storm in the blogging world – this time about PR firms and press releases. It started months ago with Chris Anderson of Wired publishing the names and email addresses of PR professionals he accused of spamming his inbox. A new front opened recently when Gina Trapani of Lifehacker banned the IP […]


TechCrunch vs. WIRED

ShareBy Ben Earlier this month, TechCrunch and the Washington Post announced that they were entering a syndication partnership, where the will add TechCrunch stories to the technology section of their site. In a move that seems to help both the and TechCrunch, a third party was not so hot about the deal. WIRED […]