FOX News Correspondent ‘Jokes’ About an Obama Assassination 1

By Ben

In a ‘did she really say that?’ moment over the weekend, FOX News correspondent Liz Trotta just about called for an assassination of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

While talking about the possibility of an assassination attempt, Trotta mixed up the names of Obama and Osama Bin Laden. “Osama, Obama — well, both (should be assassinated), if we could.” Then Trotta let out a big laugh.

After immense outrage around her comments, and shock that Trotta still has a job, Trotta apologized for her comments, saying that it was a lame attempt at humor.

Lame attempt at humor? Maybe. I’d consider it a huge lapse of judgment that is somehow, shockingly, going unpunished.

When Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan once said on television that he’s like to slap the wife of New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd, he was suspended from the paper for 1 month. Now, how can Trotta escape her comments (joking or not) with just a short apology?

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