Social Network for Scientists Goes Live 2

Today, the first p2p network for scientists – ResearchGATE – was launched to give researchers a global web-based community to interact, collaborate on projects, and exchange resources and information.

This Web 2.0 community – labeled the Facebook for Scientists – allows scientists to create profiles similar to those found on Facebook. ResearchGATE members fill out an “about me” section to describe their research skills, submit their CV – Research Vitae, and list recommended scientific resources to connect with other members with similar scientific interests and projects.

One of the most significant aspects about this social network, which was created by researchers, for researchers, is that members can search for partners for research collaborations and grant applications. This search functionality is guaranteed to change the way researchers connect with one another, giving them the opportunity to identify the ideal person to work with on a collaborative project that they might have not found otherwise.

Providing researchers with free global access to one another, quickly and easily connecting some of the world’s brightest minds on collaborative projects could mean limitless possibilities for the scientific community – this is definitely a site to keep an eye on.

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