Burma: It Can’t Wait

Can you imagine living under a government that cares so little for your wellbeing that it deliberately fails to notify you of an impending natural disaster?

More than 100,000 people have died or gone missing at the hands of the cyclone that tore through Burma on May 2 – regulations and censorship boards created under the military dictatorship of Than Shwe ban free press, providing the Burmese people with no warning, and no forum to speak to the atrocities they have been facing.

The 30 Days for a Million Voices campaign has enlisted the help of celebrities to create poignant and thought-provoking video messages each day of the initiative, with the ultimate goal of raising money and awareness, bringing the truth about Burma to light.

A few of the startling facts I’ve learned from this campaign:

  • Political activist Aung San Suu Kyi – the world’s only imprisoned recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize -has been on house arrest for 12 years for fighting for human rights and democracy in Burma
  • 3,200 villages in Burma have been destroyed under the illegal military regime
  • For public healthcare, Burma ranks 190th out of 191
  • For freedom of expression, Burma ranks 164th out of 168

W2 Group is working with Fanista to raise awareness and activism, through Racepoint Group’s media outreach and Digital Influence Group’s viral marketing campaign, which includes developing a Facebook application and social networking badges promoting burmaitcantwait.org. DIG will also be contributing $10 to the U.S. Campaign for Burma for every non-spam comment or trackback made to this post.

Make your voice heard in support of a country of people that have no voices. Find out how you can take action today.

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