Social Media’s Got Wheels 2

Last week, Segway launched a social network – Segway Social. This decision was made following a recent survey, in which 82 percent of users said they wanted to connect with other Segway customers. In this Web 2.0 community, people can share tips, inform fellow members about their personal experiences using a Segway personal transporter (PT), locate a “glide” (fun route to use a PT) in their area, and find out how much money they are saving by going green and riding the Segway wave.

This is a perfect example of the ways that companies are gradually adopting social media in order to improve customer satisfaction, allow users to establish a sense of connection with the brand, engage with new audiences, and drive sales. What was once merely a tool for security guards and police officers on patrol is now evolving into the “new bike” for eco-enthusiasts and commuters alike, through the power of peer-to-peer marketing.

What’s more is Segway’s strategy for promoting their company messaging and green goals through their blog. Segway is establishing itself as a thought leader in the green transportation industry by getting involved in the ongoing conversation and commenting on news, trends and events such as Earth Day.

What will be interesting to see is whether these social media marketing tactics prove fruitful and drive sales, as each basic PT runs at a cool $5100 or more. Although social networks like Social Segway are doing a great job demonstrating that it’s worth the green to go green, the ever-rising price of gas pretty much speaks for itself. I’d say PTs are A-OK.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media’s Got Wheels

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