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By Ben

Every so often we hear about a reporter that will go to great lengths to protect the identity of their anonymous sources. Now, it’s a reporter’s identity that needs to be protected.

Zimbabwe’s presidential election took place this week, but the results have still not been announced. Tensions in the country are quite high right now, and when CNN requested access to Zimbabwe so they could cover the election, they were denied. The station went to plan B, and secretly sent in a reporter.

This reporter’s identity has been kept secret for their own safety. CNN anchor Don Lemon explained on camera that “For security reasons, we are not identifying the reporter, but she joins us now by phone for the very latest.”

The New York Times reports that, “CNN executives say they can’t recall any other time in the network’s 27-year history when a reporter’s identify was kept secret during a news broadcast.”

During the report, the unidentified reporter discusses the status of Zimbabwe’s elections, and the general mood in the country.

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