Which ‘green’ is Wal-Mart really after? 3

By Ben

Last week Sun Chips decided to go green, this week it’s Wal-Mart.

Yes, this is the same multi-billion dollar corporation that recently made news when it sued Debbie Shank, a low-level employee for the cost of her medical bills. Debbie was a shelf stocker for Wal-Mart before she suffered severe brain damage in a traffic accident. She was awarded $700,000 through her lawsuit, and Wal-Mart was ready to take it all away before realizing the PR nightmare that even a company of their standards might not want to tackle.


In any case, the company is now ready to help. According to ADWEEK, “Wal-Mart says it is serious about going “green” and encouraging its customers to also do so. To support its position, Wal-Mart this week will launch what it called “the most comprehensive environmental sustainability campaign” in company history.”

Wal-Mart has created sustainability page on its Web site in support of Earth Month. The page touts ‘green’ products that are available in its stores such as light bulbs and coffee. Wal-Mart will also be giving away one million custom-made reusable shopping bags on April 19, which are usually priced at $1.

Maybe they can throw some more green at their employees as well…

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