Facebook Security Lapse Reveals Photo Albums 4

By Ben

The Associated Press reports that Vancouver resident Byron Ng figured out how to access the Facebook photo albums of people that he wasn’t friends with – or didn’t even know.

Ng began looking for loopholes in Facebook’s security after the social network announced it was increasing user’s privacy controls last week. Using Ng’s template, the AP was able to access personal photographs from Facebook’s 67 million members, including Paris Hilton and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Once Facebook heard about the security glitch it was fixed within and hour.

This security lapse shows that no matter what is put on the web – in a secure site or not – anyone can find it. This was evident when Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kristen) profile was quickly accessed by the media after her identity was revealed in the Governor Spitzer mess earlier this month.

Let this be a lesson for people with compromising materials in their Facebook or MySpace profiles – if you post something, it will be found.


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