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By Kyle Austin

Yesterday Owen Thomas of the Valleywag reported that Steven Levy, senior editor and chief technology editor at Newsweek would be leaving Newsweek for Wired according to rumors floating through Silicon Valley and New York tech circles. The rumors insisted that Wired had made a strong offer to Levy and the offer included a book deal.

Levy has been contributing to Wired for more then a decade and he usually writes features for the magazine on the side from his day job at Newsweek. Last night on Facebook Levy confirmed the rumor by stating in his status:

“Confirms: I will be moving to Wired later this spring.”

Levy took his position at Newsweek all the way back in 1996 and is often regarded as one of the pioneers of technology journalism. He is the author of five books including Hackers and Crypto.

His articles for Newsweek have won numerous awards including the column of the year award in 1996.

I had the chance to work with Steve at the end of last year as he was compiling a piece on One Laptop per Child for the “Giving Globally” issue of Newsweek. He actually was the first reporter to do a hands on review of the XO in a video he did for Newsweek.com. I was certainly impressed by how quickly Steve took to understanding the ideology of “One Laptop per Child” and the purpose of the XO. This is a huge win for Wired and a huge loss for the major news weekly. Levy was always able to elevate technology stories for mainstream audiences and understood which technology stories had the potential for serious social impact. He won’t be easy to replace.

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