Monthly Archives: February 2008

At the Oscars of Journalism: A Win for Bloggers

ShareBy Kyle Austin While the Oscar winners adorned the front of the New York Times Arts Section yesterday, a blogger was plastered on the front of the Business Day section – The second being a far more impressive feat. Last week Joshua Micah Marshall was honored with the prestigious George Polk Award […]

How Will Farber Re-Shape CNET’s to Compete with TechCrunch and GigaOm and even the Valleywag?

ShareBy Kyle Austin So how will Dan Farber save the sinking ship that is CNET?  News broke yesterday on (or maybe Valleywag) that Jai Singh, senior vice president and editor-in-chief at CNET will be leaving the organization on March, 10, 2008 and will be immediately replaced as editor-in-chief of […]

Jerry Yang Puts on His Poker Face: Propped by Strategic Transaction Communications

ShareBy Kyle  Austin Bold, courageous and inspirational aren’t words often thrown around to describe Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang.  However, after leaking its pending decision to reject Microsoft’s bid over the weekend to the Wall Street Journal, these descriptors for Mr. Yang are flying around today.    Yahoo! formally rejected Microsoft’s offer this […]

Corporate Social Responsibility — Getting Beyond Philanthropy

ShareBy Peter Prodromou People can find something to criticize about everything, including the transparency of Bono’s “Red” campaign. The Red campaign was started a little over a year ago and includes corporations like the Gap, who donate a portion of sales proceeds from Red branded merchandise to help with medical […]