Getting Rid of My CES Flu 1


By Kyle Austin



Well, I’m finally back from the West Coast. Got out of San Francisco right before Steve Jobs, Fake Steve Jobs and the herds of Job’s worshippers flew into town. My time in San Francisco would have been great, if I hadn’t been battling the CES flu. Turns out I should have been juicing like Roger Clemens and Mary J. Blige while I was in Vegas.  Yes, I’m still recovering from my time at CES and meanwhile I’ve gained a new respect for live bloggers.  In between maneuvering yourself around the show floor or poppy fields (Disclaimer – Matt Richtel may have been under the influence when he wrote this), dodging the lines at the mono rail, having impromptu conversations and pulling your eyes from scantly clad porno stars at the Adult Expo – how do you find a time to post? My original goal was to do a few live blogs from CES, but alas I’m stuck with cleaning out a closet of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” from CES – while also cleaning out my sinuses. 


Thumbs Up: 

  • To Rupert Murdoch for putting up his staff at the Wall Street Journal in nice digs.  Had a chance to check out one of the suites at the Venetian that a journal staffer was calling home – Truly five stars…
  • To Rwanda president Paul Kagame (Who I met very briefly along with his entourage of secret service handlers on the 28th floor of the Hilton) for braving the madness that is CES to speak as part of the “Technology and Emerging Countries,” panel. He’s now conquered a genocidal dictatorship and Silicon Valley bloggers. What can’t this man do?
  • To good CEO and VC ribbing. Heard this one while schmoozing the floor at a certain event. “So you’re staying at the Palms suite that has the pool inside it?  I bet the pool in my room is bigger then yours.”
  • To SeaGate’s BlogHaus suite in the Bellagio Hotel.  I left before Scoble started dancing at the BlogHaus party (AKA Scoble’s PodTech Goodbye bash) on Wednesday night, but the place was decked out when I stopped by Wednesday afternoon with enough free booze, X-boxes and T1 ports to make everyone happy.

 Thumbs Down: 

  • To Gizmodo and Gizmodogate.  Yes, your video montage was funny. But now you got yourself banned for life from CES and made everyone reconsider once again how we treat bloggers. Kudos.
  • To a lack of big news at CES. As Bob Dylan would Say “The Times They Are A-Changin.” The giants don’t use the show as a launch for any of their big products anymore and the rest of the players are left to be heard in a sea of ambient noise. One scribe friend from Fortune (Not Mr. Bing) went as far to say, “This is my least favorite time to visit Vegas.” This makes me as well as Mr. Bing wonder if the end of CES as we know it may occur in 2011.

 Now I have to run and book my flights and reservations for the next three years.

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One thought on “Getting Rid of My CES Flu

  • Chief Gizmateer

    I wish I had gotten the “CES flu”… instead I spent 36 hours straight in my hotel room doubled over from a kidney stone! Thanks for the link and nice post – especially about Gizmodogate… bloggers have a hard enough time at CES without idiot pranks making it even harder for us.