Alibaba, Weibo and the Chinese Corporate Reputation Challenge

by Peter Prodromou News broke recently on Chinese web retail giant Alibaba’s decision to IPO on American markets.  The company, which is owned in part by Yahoo, will likely be one of the markets largest and most successful offerings.  And its action precedes the increasingly likely decision by Weibo to also list on US markets. […]



“10 Questions” with Hilary Livingston

We’re very happy to have Hilary Livingston as a member of our Racepoint Global team! Get to know our one of our newest Account Coordinators in this intimate Q&A.  1.  How would you explain what you do for work in 3 sentences or less to your 7 year old niece? I work with awesome people […]

8 Years of Twitter, 5 Keys to Excellence

by Zach Friedman It took Twitter two years to reach its billionth tweet. Today it takes two days. In its first eight years, Twitter has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and share information – it allows information to travel so fast that the U.S. Geological Survey now uses the tool to augment its earthquake […]



The Reality of China’s Economic Growth

I recently completed my third trip through China in the past 11 months.  What has struck me throughout is the level of confidence of Chinese nationals and ex-pats living in country about the nation’s certain economic dominance now and in the future.  And yet, even as I traveled at more than 200 miles per hour […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working with the Media

by Carolyn Linck, Racepoint Global This week several colleagues and I had the privilege to attend a networking event and panel hosted by Gorkana with the Financial Times’ West Coast Bureau. Following a networking breakfast with many PR and communications practitioners in attendance, West Coast Editor Richard Waters and San Francisco Correspondent Sarah Mishkin spoke […]


Eye Healthcare = Bad Medicine

by Victoria Winstanley, VP at Racepoint Global The necessary relationship between optometrists and ophthalmologists has always been a slightly reluctant one with the former often having to fight for recognition of their expertise and the latter being reluctant to acknowledge it.  This somewhat prickly association flared up once more yesterday via industry media sites. Michael […]

Consumption, Expression, and the Omni-channel Reality

Written by Peter Prodromou, President at Racepoint Global I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating the evolution of communications over the past year as I’ve overseen the re-launch of Racepoint Group and our sister company, Digital Influence Group, into a fully integrated marketing services company called Racepoint Global. And what I’ve learned in the past […]



Comcast, Netflix and the Implications on the Future of Media

Contributed by Peter Prodromou, President, Racepoint Global The prediction of the catastrophic decline of television has always seemed a little shrill and frantic. Pure social media players have spent the past decade maligning this 80-year-old medium, even as networks have managed to drive up ad prices by more skillfully than ever slicing and dicing demographics. Social, […]